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Extra EA-500

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The messages by far do not cover all situations, but are there to help the pilot learn the most basic behavior/limits. Typically there is no special message when it already is in the aircraft warning panel.
 ===Flight Planning===By clicking on 'Equipment - Fuel and Payload' (on the ground) you can access a comprehensive flight planning tool. There are four tabs, of which the 2 upper ones deal with loading the aircraft. It won't be a surprise that they are called 'Fuel' and 'Payload'. By clicking and dragging you can add passengers, baggage, dogs and fuel on the individual seats or tanks respectively. Of course while loading you must adhere to the aircraft weight and center of gravity limits. This is graphically displayed in the lower tab 'weight'. The other lower tab is a Trip Calculator. You can input your trip distance, cruise altitude, airport altitude and alternate distance to calculate your required fuel load. These values may be imported from your flight plan ('Autopilot - Route Manager') with a single click. You can also put the exact calculated fuel into your tanks by clicking on the 'Order Fuel' button.
===Engine starting===

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