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Space Shuttle (FG Space Program)

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Switched to the Space Shuttle (FG Space Program)/info documentation page for the aircraft infobox by transcluding {{:{{PAGENAME}}/info}}. This needed as the <br/> tag is incompatible with the new template and tests the support for HerbyW's hangar.
 {{infobox Aircraft|image = Atlantis.png|alt = shuttle ''Atlantis''|name = shuttle|type = Spacecraft|fdm = JSBSim|status-fdm = 2|status-systems = 1|status-cockpit = 0|status-model = 3|status = Pretty Active Development|authors = HerbyW (FDM) Firefly 3D <br> Original Project Jon S. Berndt|fgname = shuttle|fgname-variants= shuttle-Atlantis shuttle-Columbia shuttle-Launcher|download = https:{{PAGENAME}}//|ready = rembrandtinfo}}

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