JT-5B (autogyro)

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JT-5B Autogyro
Image requested
Type Autogyro
Author(s) Edin Hozic (mr no)
--aircraft= JT-5B
Status Production
 FDM Stars-5.png
 Systems Stars-3.png
 Cockpit Stars-4.png
 Model Stars-4.png
Download Download the aircraft package.
Foro 'JT-5B Autogyro' topic on the FlightGear forum.
License GPLv3+
This aircraft is NOT available under the GNU GPL 2, the primary license of the FlightGear project. This means that parts cannot be reused in the official FlightGear repositories.

The JT-5 is a homebuilt autogyro designed by Jukka Tervamaki in Finland 1969. The first flight was in 1973, but in 1974 the aircraft was sold to Vittorio Magni in italy. The design was later named 455MT-5 and M-5. A more modern incarnation was Magni M20 Talon.

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