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Immersive Design Group

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Immersive Design Group
Age 1 (Founded August 16, 2017)
Interest(s) High Quality aircraft for free!
Website https://github.com/Octal450

Immersive Design Group is a group of developers working on extremely realistic aircraft for FlightGear founded by Joshua Davidson (Octal450). The IDG aircraft are aimed at becoming study-level simulations.


Current Members

  • Joshua Davidson (Octal450) - Systems, Flight Dynamics (JSBsim), Canvas, Sim General, Sounds, Animations
  • Jonathan Redpath (Legoboyvdlp) - Systems, Canvas, Sim General, Sounds, 3D, Textures, Effects, Animations
  • Thorsten Herrmann (TH-555) - 3D, Texturing, Animations - A32X and A33X
  • Semir Gebran (CaptB) - 3D, Texturing, Animations - A32X and MD-11
  • IDG also contracts some developers for 3D modelling when needed


IDG Aircraft are hosted on the Octal450 Hangar. When we feel they are ready, they will be placed in FGAddon.