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Immersive Design Group

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Immersive Design Group (IDG) was a group of developers working on extremely realistic aircraft for FlightGear founded by Joshua Davidson (Octal450). They are no longer developing as part of IDG, but may have forked continuations of the aircraft.


Current Members

  • Joshua Davidson (Octal450) - Systems, Flight Dynamics (JSBsim), Canvas, Sim General, Sounds, Animations
  • Jonathan Redpath (Legoboyvdlp) - Systems, Canvas, Sim General, Sounds, 3D, Textures, Effects, Animations
  • Thorsten Herrmann (TH-555) - 3D, Texturing, Animations - A32X and A33X
  • Semir Gebran (CaptB) - 3D, Texturing, Animations - A32X and MD-11
  • D-ECHO - 3D, Texturing, Animations - PA28
  • IDG also contracts some developers for 3D modelling when needed


IDG Aircraft are hosted on the Octal450 Hangar. When we feel they are ready, they will be placed in FGAddon.