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Hosting required

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Cquote1.png By the end of this year (2015), our current hosting of - the scenemodels database - the scenemodels website - the terrasync repository will no longer be available for use by the FlightGear project. As a result, we need a new home for those services. The technical requirements are roughly - a postgresql database (with postgis extension) of approx. 40GB and growing (scenemodels db) - apache webserver, php, access to the database and the usual toolkit for hosting the scenemodels website - a svn server with 140GB+ for the terrasync scenery - enough bandwith to serve the data - One ore more reverse proxy serving terrasync requests (not much storage required, just bandwidth) Is anybody out there able to provide a drop-in replacement? Any serious idea or offer to help is welcome. Torsten
— Torsten Dreyer (Nov 9th, 2015). [Flightgear-devel] Scenemodels and terrasync are going down.
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