Hawaiian Islands Custom Scenery

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Hawaiian Islands Custom Scenery
Started in 2018-Feb
Description Produce new scenery for each of the Hawaiian Islands
Contributor(s) Scott Giese
Status Active


The Hawaiian Islands have long been one of the showcase scenery areas with FlightGear. Unfortunately, the artifacts that were utilized to generate this scenery has been lost. This project aims to reproduce new scenery design artifacts to allow this scenery to continue to evolve.

As we look forward to a potential World Scenery 3.0 project, I foresee the Hawaiian Islands being a sandbox area to try out new concepts.


Produce high quality scenery design artifacts. Each of the islands will be reproduced using the best known practices.

Metric Objectives:

  • Base Mesh Node Quantity: 40,000 - 60,000 nodes
  • Base Mesh Error Tolerance: 3 meters
  • Shapefile Complexity: ~1,000,000 nodes or less
  • Shapefile Tolerance: 12 meters
  • Shapefile Minimum Area: 1500 square-meters


Data Sources:

  • Demographic Data: SRTMGL1.003
  • Land Cover Data: NOAA C-CAP Land Usage
  • River & Stream Data: OpenStreetMap
  • Buildings, Roads, Bridges: osm2city based on OpenStreetMap
  • Obstruction Data: FAA DOF


Kaula - High-Quality mesh with scrub land class

Kaula: Done Done 100}% completed

Niihau - High-Quality mesh and multiple land classes

Niihau: Paused Paused 80}% completed

Warning  [Niihau] Known Issue: Discontinuity across the 22nd parallel north.

Kauai - High-Quality mesh and multiple land classes

Kauai: Paused Paused 80}% completed

Warning  [Kauai] Known Issue: Discontinuity across the 22nd parallel north.

Oahu - High-Quality mesh and land classes

Oahu: Paused Paused 80}% completed

Molokai: High Quality terrain and land classes.

Molokai: Paused Paused 80}% completed

Lanai: Long final to PHNY

Lanai: Paused Paused 80}% completed

Kahoolawe: Eastern coast with Maui barely visible in the background.

Kahoolawe: Paused Paused 80}% completed

Heading into Kahului

Maui: Paused Paused 80}% completed

Hawaii: Hilo area

Hawaii: Paused Paused 80}% completed

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