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GSoC: Student Applications

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Students wanted! Apply here

Guidelines from the Drupal project:

Template for Student Applications

TODO: revamp, modify/add questions for possible students applications.

Please provide answers to the following questions:

  • Have you previously contributed to open source projects?
    • If so, which ones?
  • Please provide some information about your programming background?
  • What are your main interests in computers, aviation, flight simulation, graphics?
  • Please state which of the following technologies you are familiar with and how proficient you consider yourself:
    • cross-platform programming
    • C++ programming
    • XML
    • OpenGL
    • TCP/IP networking
    • GLSL
  • Are you familiar with any of the FlightGear dependencies (OSG, PLIB, SimGear), if so which ones?
  • Have you previously contributed to the FlightGear project or any of its affiliated projects?
    • If so, which ones and how exactly?
  • How familiar do you consider yourself with the FlightGear project? (0-10)
  • Do you have experience working with GIT?
  • Have you already set up a working build environment for compiling FlightGear from source?
  • Are you currently able to build the latest code from the GIT repo?
  • Please state on what platform/s you are going develop on (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Why are you interested in contributing to FlightGear?
  • What would be your preferred working area in FlightGear?
  • Have you previously interacted with the FlightGear community? If so, how?
  • Are you currently subscribed to the FlightGear Devel mailing list?

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