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Frankfurt am Main Airport

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Frankfurt International Airport
364 feet
364 feet
Type Public + Cargo
Owner Fraport
City Frankfurt am Main
Runway Length Material
07L/25R 2800 m Concrete
07C/25C 4000 m Asphalt
07R/25L 4000 m Asphalt
18 4000 m Concrete

The Frankfurt International Airport, also known as Flughafen Frankfurt am Main or Rhein-Main-Flughafen, is in Europe the third larges airport for passengers (after London and Paris) - and the largest for cargo. It is located 12 km (7.5mi) southwest of downtown Frankfurt am Main.

This airport is in FlightGear complete with respect to the terminals. However, as there are constant changes going on in reality work is never really finished (for example, a "Terminal 3" will be coming soon). In addition to the airport the scenery also contains a fair amount of skyscrapers of Frankfurt and some other details.


EDDF has 4 runways. Three runways are positioned approximately parallel east-west, and the forth is north-south.

Runway 07L-25R

These runways are used only for landings of medium size aircraft - no starts are allowed.

  • ILS is available for runway 07L, tune your NAV radio to 111.75 with a heading of 069.614.
  • ILS is available for runway 25R, tune your NAV radio to 111.35 with a heading of 249.568.

Runway 07C-25C

  • ILS is available for runway 07C, tune your NAV radio to 110.55 with a heading of 069.614.
  • ILS is available for runway 25C, tune your NAV radio to 111.55 with a heading of 249.568 (prior to FlightGear version 3.0 the frequency was 109.50).

Runway 07R-25L

  • ILS is available for runway 07R, tune your NAV radio to 110.95 with a heading of 069.619.
  • ILS is available for runway 25L, tune your NAV radio to 111.15 with a heading of 249.571 (prior to FlightGear version 3.0 the frequency was 110.70).

Runway 18

Runway 18 does not have ILS as it is used only for departures in real life.

Caution  There is no runway 36 as that direction leads towards the Taunus mountains that would be in the way at takeoff.

FlightGear scenery

TerraSync scenery

The version available through TerraSync is reasonably up-to date, while the version in the Git repo contains some future changes (new runway, buildings under construction). In addition to that there is a new custom scenery with many details for the area around the airport.

In General:

  • Starting with FlightGear version 3.0 (and Scenery 2.12) the new runways and new ILS-frequencies are included and/or downloaded by TerraSync
  • Prior to that you may use the AddOn-Scenery-Package from http://www.emmerich-j.de/EDDF/EDDF-ELLX-new.zip (See the README inside the package)

Custom Frankfurt scenery

Autor: Christian Schmitt and others
Where to get: Generally, changes go mostly directly into the scenery DB and are distributed via TerraSync. Some yet unpublished updates are to be found in this repo: https://gitorious.org/papillon81/flightgear-custom-scenery?p=papillon81:flightgear-custom-scenery.git;a=summary

Missing items

Items missing from the TerraSync and custom scenery:

  • Jetways
  • Fire station
  • Emergency medical center
  • Car park
  • Parked busses on the apron
  • Cargo buildings

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