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The Canvas is a property tree-based subsystem using listeners, the canvas is primarily a wrapper on top of Shiva and OSG that is invoked via listeners.

So all the OpenGL code is either located in Shiva or in OSG - OSG can be told to use OpenGL ES. So it would be a matter of experimenting with it.

For this particular project, I would suggest to extract the Canvas into a standalone executable - something like this has been previously done by TorstenD when he came up with FGPanel, he "just" extracted FlightGear's 2D panel code and turned it into a standalone binary. This alone would help us ensure that we can optimize the canvas to support OpenGL ES - once that is working, you could cross-compile the standalone canvas binary. Technically, this will involve some -but not all- of the steps outlined at: FGCanvas

(not all of them, because FGCanvas is eventually intended to be merged back into the main code base)[1]


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