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Airbus A330-200

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Airbus A330-200
Bermuda Triangle disappearance
Airbus A330-200.png
Type Airliner
Author(s) Sam Clancy, Omega Pilot
--aircraft= a330-200
Status Under development
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The Airbus A330-200 is a shortened, longer-range variant of the Airbus A330, which entered service in 1998. Typical range with 253 passengers in a three-class configuration is 13,400 km (7,200 nmi). The A330-200 is ten fuselage frames shorter than the original −300, with a length of 58.82 m (193 ft 0 in). In mid-2012, Airbus proposed another version of the −200 with the maximum gross weight increased by 2 t to 240 t. This version will have its range extended by 270 nmi and will carry 2.5 t more payload. It will see engine and aerodynamic improvements reducing its fuel burn by about 2%. It is planned to enter the service by mid-2015. In November 2012, it was announced that the gross weight is to be further increased to 242 t with the range extended by 350 mmi (over 238 t version). As of January 2014, 588 of the −200s had been ordered, 524 of which had been delivered, with 517 aircraft in operation. The 2011 list price is $200.8 million. The −200 competes with the Boeing 767-300ER and to a lesser extent the 767-400ER as well as with new 787 Dreamliner. The A330-200 is also available as an ultra-long-range corporate jet as the A330-200 Prestige.

Real-life Specifications


  • Length (m) 59.0
  • Wingspan (m) 60.3
  • Height (m) 17.9
  • Wing area (m2) 361.6


  • Maximum take-off weight (kg) 230 000 - 233 000
  • Maximum landing weight (kg) 182 000
  • Operating empty weight (kg) 120 500
  • Maximum zero fuel weight (kg) 170 000
  • Maximum payload (kg) 49 500
  • Standard fuel capacity (litres) 139 000


  • Range with max payload (km) 12 100
  • Cruise speed (km/h) 870
  • Maximum operating altitude (m) 12 500
  • Take-off field length (m) 2 220
  • Landing field length (m) 1 750


  • GE CF6-80E1A3,
  • 2 x 72000 lb
  • P&W PW4168A,
  • 2 x 68000 lb
  • R-R Trent 772,
  • 2 x 71100 lb

Cabin Data

  • Passengers (1-class) 406
  • Passengers (2-class) 293
  • Passengers (3-class) 253
  • Cabin width (m) 5.28